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Feb 21, 2013 7:00pm PST
believer. first off, some of the history of this extraordinary religion. all the other major world religions can pinpoint a particular time or perhaps a particular leader. but you go into the primordial early years of hinduism and it's very vague, very old, very mystical, how it all began. and in fact, the swami will say that hinduism really isn't a historical religion at all - it's about an eternal truth. so if we could turn to the swami, let's hear in his own words what hinduism is in terms of history, but also in terms of some of its key teachings. >> see, hinduism, we can divide the history into three heads - one of them ancient, one of them medieval, and then the modern. and in one sentence, the history, when we say, it's all about the past. hinduism really is called sanatana dharma, or the eternal religion, because it deals with the eternal values - not just the past values or the present values - and the eternal truth. so it is not a historical religion, like christianity or buddhism or islam, where someone founded on a particular date and then afterwards it went in growing.
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm PST
romantic. if movies could be a religion, you'd get more out of westerns than any other genre. (narrator) the western has come to symbolize american cinema, its images instantly recognizable the world over. many of our foremost directors, writers and actors have been drawn to its elemental moral themes and epic scale; its frontier characters -- fools, charlatans, outlaws and heroes -- confronting the grand themes of life and death on stage, the stark background of america's west. it's a western because of the story form, because of the traditional and conventional aspects of it. isolation. one man up against it, resolving it by violence... (john sturges) nobody can help him. they're good versus evil truth, or morality tales. (gunfire) (elmore leonard) i thought westerns would be easier to write. you're writing about a time the reader hasn't experienced. places that the reader hasn't been. you make up a town, a one-street town, with the board-front buildings down both sides. perhaps a board sidewalk; and that was easy to describe. there's something about the attire. (elmore leo
Feb 18, 2013 5:30am PST
their manifesto. people are polarized based on religion, on secularism, on every small detail you can think of. unfortunately, things will get worse. >> the latest amendment is just another ploy by the government to destroy his party, says. but the government says it's looking for justice for terrible cres committed just over 40 years ago. there's no unity and no agreement here. it seems that bangladesh still has some way to go before it can put to rest its painful past. wille airplane in spain stay on the ground the next five days. begun a fivef have day strike in protest against job and salary cuts. action preceptor ground more than 1000 flights in spain this week? . it is expected to cost the airline millions of dollars. workers including baggage handlers, pilots, and cabin crews say they will hold off three separate strikes until march. iberia said the layoffs are necessary to cut costs. now more from madrid. is the future, more robots and automatic check-in desks, fewer people with real jobs. this area would be much busier than it is now. the first friday strike has led to the ca
Feb 20, 2013 7:00pm PST
cardinal in the roman catholic faith is someone you would say immediately is the belief style of religion, but you're so right, susanna, that all the styles were embodied in that man, and he was certainly a seeker. in fact, i had a wonderful conversation with martin marty, who that he had a chance to meet the great religious people of the world - the dalai lama, the pope, other great religious leaders - and he said that every one, they go so deeply into their own tradition, that they can find connection with other traditions. and our swami that we'll meet in the next class is exactly like that also, because he sees all religious paths as leading to a similar summit. not everybody agrees with that, yeah, you want to follow-up, susanna? >> well, i was just going to say, truly, you may have hit on it, that the deeper you go, the more you recognize. and his roots were down, and you could see there were other ones there, sort of mixing in with yours, but there is a connection. >> i love the root comment, and we want to stay with the root comment here in your beautiful piece you read to us. and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4